Water pressure lab explore

today, we were introduced to gas laws using water and jars. Gas is different than other states of matter because it has no definite shape or volume, and it will expand. in our lab, we used a stopped jar with a funnel and tubing. as we added water to the jar down the tubing, the pressure increased in the jar, and the flow of water slowed as we added more water because of this. there were multiple trials in this experiment, changing the height of the funnel for each measure. The higher funnel had a higher final volume, and the smaller had a smaller final volume. the difference is simply due to the change in height, the tall had all of the water pushing down, instead of being pushed through a multitude of curves and turns. the elevated funnel has more water pressure because it is pulled down, and this water pressure pushes more water into the jar against the air pressure already present inside of the jar. This was demonstrated during a bit of a lab snafu as my teacher lifted the jar from the ground, unaware that there was no clamp on the tube, the pressure in the jar, when raised created a syphon and pushed the water out of the funnel. the main lesson of the lab seems to be that pressure is just the amount of something in a container, and the more stuff in a container or and area, the higher the pressure. vis a vis, as we added more water to the jar, (particles) the pressure increased. Image


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