Who cares about titration?

in class, we performed a titration of NaOH and HCL, using an indicator to see the amount of HCL in order to neutralize the NaOH. This practice can be used in industry in order to find the concentrations of certain components of a product simply by using the amounts and molarities of one substance to calculate the molarity of another. for example, if someone needed to find the amount of magnesium bicarbonate in a antacid tablet, one would make a solution with the tablet, and given that magnesium bicarbonate is a base one would use an indicator and a 1 molar solution of an acid (perhaps HCl). One would then add acid to the solution until the indicator indicated neutrality. Then apply the amount of acid used to calculate the amount of magnesium bicarbonate.
Another application, Finding the amount of citric acid in a fruit juice could be accomplished by using a larger amount of indicator to show through the orange of the juice and using the same process, simply replacing the acid with a base. To find the molarity of an acid, use a base, and vise versa. Titration is a very valuable tool in industry.


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