“Cool reactions”

In the list of cool chemical reactions(http://listverse.com/2008/03/04/top-10-amazing-chemical-reactions/), not all react, but they are all indeed cool. here, i will discuss the reactions and what happened in them, while giving the balanced equations of the chemical reactions. 

Number 10 is a combustion reaction of sodium and water (2Na +H2O–>2NaOH + 2H) which is reflected in chlorine gas. to produce the light

Number 9 is a combustion reaction of magnesium in frozen CO2 (2Mg+CO2–>2MgO+C) 

Number 8 is a combustion reaction which produces oxygen using the gummy bear as catalyst. (6KClO3 + C6H12O6 –> 6KCl + 6H2O + 6CO2 + 3O2.

Number 7 is not a chemical reaction, it is simply a physical change due to temperature. no formula change occurs.

Number 6 is not a reaction because it is just the physical solution of a solute, no formula change, no chemical change.

Number 5 is not a reaction because it is just the absorption of water, and solution is not a chemical change.

Number 4 is not a reaction in anyway, it is simply the physical properties of a given substance being exhibited. 

Number 3 is not a reaction because it simply describes a state of helium, not any chemical change to it.

Number 2 is a chemical reaction (combustion) of thermite being burned (oxidized) and does not react with the liquid nitrogen, which is simply dispersed/gimp slapped in the video. The equation cannot be found without knowing what kind of thermite is involved in the reaction, but it was cool!

Number 1 is a chemical reaction evidenced by color change, but is actually 2 different redox reactions starting with 5H2O2 + 2IO3- + 2H+ –> I2 + 5O2 + 6H2O turning the solution blue then the second reaction 5H2O2 + I2 –> IO3 + 2H + 4H2O turns the solution back to clear. 

My favorite chemical reaction in the list is the perchlorate deterioration, the combustion is intense and it is used by astronauts in order to produce emergency oxygen.


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