Hydrate composition

Hydrate composition

The hydrate we used was copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate, the water percentage is 37%, our results are fairly reliable, using the periodic table, we were able to determine through mass the percentage on an atomic scale. the percentage determined through this method predicted a percentage of 36.05%, so our percentage was fairly accurate. Our percentage applied to a 6.0g sample would yield a loss of 2.23g of water. if we were attempting to determine the percentage and some spilled out, we would have a higher percentage of perceived water composition due to thee calculation for percentage being the original weight of the substance minus the post-heated sample over 100. If some hydrate spilled, the change in mass would be greater, and the water would be calculated to be a higher percentage.


the theoretical percentage can be determined by the equation [(90gH20)/(249.6gCuSO4~5H2O)] X100, producing an ideal percentage of 36.05

the theoretical amount of water in our sample can be determined by the equation 2.29g CuSO4~5H2O/1 X 90.0g H2O/249.6g CuSO4~5H2O. this gives a theoretical water weight of .83g.

our recovered water was .85g, so our percent error was .85-.83=.02×100=2% error


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