Cs 133!!!!!! BWAAAAA

Cs 133!!!!!! BWAAAAA

BREAKING NEWS AMERICA!!!! There is an atom that is used to TELL TIME!!!!!! THE TIME MASTER HAS RISEN!!! it has exactly 9,192,631,770 electron cycles per SECOND!!! IT DEFINES TIMEEE!! but that isn’t it america!! though this element isn’t radioactive, and it’s a stable fission product from some power plants, THERE IS RADIATION EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! we don’t have to worry about the radiation from Cs- 133, but there is radiation everywhere in the world, in AMERICA. It’s natural so these elements can be found in nature, and are not very harmful in small concentrations. BUT! i’m pretty sure you can sue somebody for this in some way. TO SUM UP! Cs-133 is used in clocks, and is a stable element. radioactive isotopes can be found in nature, and in low doses, do not pose a threat. radiation is all around us, with it’s particles constantly surrounding us. it’s simply part of the universe. AND AMERRRRIIIIIIICAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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