What’s a BB made of?

What's a BB made of?

BB’s are largely made of copper and zinc, this can be determined largely because of the density determined of the bb’s (mass divided by volume) was similar to both the densities of zinc and copper more so than any other metals. our accuracy was largely effected by the accuracy of our instruments. the calculations could have also been effected by the significant figures of the measurements.


These guys and those guys

Conservation of mass is a very real, and very simple concept, it simply is that matter cannot be created or destroyed. in any reaction, physical or chemical, there will always be the same amount of matter on the other side of the reaction or change. we know this because the mass gathered at the beginning of any reaction we observe is the same as the end. Even with gas, we can determine how much was created by simply finding the difference in beginning mass and ending mass. in our experiment, we discovered a line of best fit for the reaction, and determined a predictable relationship between the input (powder) and the output (CO2). This relationship between inputs and outputs will always occur simply because there can be no matter created or destroyed. Image

ion exploration lab

ion exploration lab

today we mixed different ions together, learning that to make compounds out of ions you need equality in charge in order to make an ionic bond. the ions can be found in the top right corner with a number and a +or-. the formulas involved are combinations of the ions in the solutions used, and i think that they were arranged as such to show the similar reactions between similar ionic compounds.

Smaller than an atom

Smaller than an atom

we know an awful lot about the atom, and yet it is the tiniest thing that we can imagine. atoms have been completely studied, without ever looking at one directly. How can this happen? how can we discover pieces of the atom and their properties without observing them? We do so THROUGH their properties! due to magnetism and the charge of the individual parts of the atom, we were able to see the reactions with more thoroughly understood things such as gasses, using cathode ray tubes to discover electrons and later using alpha particles bounced off of the nucleus to discover the proton. we use the known world to discover the unknown, using the products to determine the factors, and using anything we can to learn more about the world today.

Cs 133!!!!!! BWAAAAA

Cs 133!!!!!! BWAAAAA

BREAKING NEWS AMERICA!!!! There is an atom that is used to TELL TIME!!!!!! THE TIME MASTER HAS RISEN!!! it has exactly 9,192,631,770 electron cycles per SECOND!!! IT DEFINES TIMEEE!! but that isn’t it america!! though this element isn’t radioactive, and it’s a stable fission product from some power plants, THERE IS RADIATION EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! we don’t have to worry about the radiation from Cs- 133, but there is radiation everywhere in the world, in AMERICA. It’s natural so these elements can be found in nature, and are not very harmful in small concentrations. BUT! i’m pretty sure you can sue somebody for this in some way. TO SUM UP! Cs-133 is used in clocks, and is a stable element. radioactive isotopes can be found in nature, and in low doses, do not pose a threat. radiation is all around us, with it’s particles constantly surrounding us. it’s simply part of the universe. AND AMERRRRIIIIIIICAAAAAAAAAAAAA