Frosty’s demise and skittle reactivity lab

Frosty's demise and skittle reactivity lab

Frosty was a snowman, who died in miss gardner’s lab at 9:31, i reached the scene at 10:18. measuring the rate of melting, and amount when i began to observe, i was able to determine that frosty was melting at at rate of roughly 2 ml per 5 minutes, using this data, i was able to determine the time of death. *sob*.
There was also a new radioactive element discovered, skittles. this element has a half life of roughly a minute, producing a negatively exponential graph, much the opposite of the frosty graph, it was curved with a negative linear relationship.
Curious about these findings, i used an online simulator of atoms to determine why the skittles were so unstable. i found that perhaps there were too few or too many neutrons…. perhaps i will never comprehend this mystery, or what the snowman has to do with anything… hmmm…


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